Giving back to our LGBT community


As a gay-owned business, Ryan and I believe it is important for us to use whatever success we find to help others. So in honor of Pride season, we are auctioning off this vintage Anita Bryant album to raise funds to donate to LGBT charities, either locally (Oshkosh, WI.), regionally or nationally. The winner of the auction will also get to select one of the charities to receive a donation. 

Some background. Pride is celebrated to remember of the fight for rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals. In the United States, some of the first Pride activities got their start as “Annual Reminders” — first held in 1965 — on July 4 to protest the lack of equal civil rights for LGBT citizens. Pride is often celebrated in June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of June 28, 1969, when LGBT patrons of the Stonewall Inn in New York City rioted after a raid by the city’s police on the gay bar. 
We selected this Anita Bryant album to auction off because Bryant is often seen as the one of the first celebrity opponents of LGBT rights. In 1977, she led the Save Our Children coalition in a campaign to repeal an ordinance in Dade County Florida that prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The campaign was based on conservative Christian beliefs regarding the sinfulness of homosexuality, the threat of homosexual recruitment and child molestation. Bryant’s efforts lead to the repeal of the ordinance and the defeat of others like it in other cities. She also actively campaigned against allowing LGBT individuals the ability to adopt. Bryant was also famously “pied” by LGBT activists on live television in response to actions. 
In light of recent court victories for LGBT rights, including marriage equality, we have decided to auction off this album, one of Bryant’s most famous, and donate a portion of the proceeds to LGBT charities so that a symbol of persecution can be used to help the efforts of equality.
To place a bid, and help support LGBT rights, please visit the listing on eBay.

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